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10 Ways Employers Can Attract Gen Z Talent in the Workplace

Generation Z is taking the US workforce by storm. Many companies are now seeking to tap into the raw talent of the youngest generation, hoping to gain an edge in the future.

However, some are finding it surprisingly difficult to attract and keep younger workers. This is because the workplace needs to adapt to fit their needs and demands.

Here are some ways companies can make the workplace more inviting for Generation Z:

Flexible Schedules

When searching for a job, Gen Z employees are always concerned about their personal freedom. Most young people don’t want their work to consume their lives. That is why flexible, individualized schedules are becoming increasingly popular.

Companies like Google have served as leading examples of how customized work hours can not only improve worker attitude but increase productivity. Many employees feel liberated and empowered when they have the ability to organize their lives as they choose.

Steady Entry-Level Income

The current state of the economy is a major source of anxiety for Gen Z. Young adults entering the job market worry about being able to support themselves with a reliable income. They seek stability to ground themselves and find their bearings.

One of the biggest complaints that they have during this time is a lack of options. All jobs these days seem to need experience. A reputable, trustworthy company that offers steady pay for newcomers is like an oasis in the desert.

Sense of Purpose

Gen Z doesn’t want to work just for the sake of earning a paycheck, though. They want their jobs to be meaningful.

This sense of purpose could come in the form of fulfilling personal passions, or through the notion that they’re making a positive impact on the world around them.

Opportunity for Growth

Young workers are often viewed as unreliable job hoppers. However, there is a good reason for this behavior.

There are always better opportunities out there, and most young adults don’t see a problem with chasing after them, especially if they feel they’ve stagnated at their current job. If a company wants to keep their young talents, then they need to offer the ability to advance with experience.

Feeling Valued

Being treated like a faceless robot is discouraging. The last thing young workers want to feel is interchangeable and disposable; rather, they wish to be acknowledged for having value as individuals.

Employers can capitalize on this by learning more about their potential employees and finding ways to accommodate their personal preferences. They should also be sure to compliment employees for their accomplishments and performance.

Creative Encouragement

Creativity is a defining part of Gen Z’s identity. Most talented young adults will jump on the chance to use and demonstrate their capacity for imagination and innovation. These creative energies can be harnessed by allowing workers to use their unique talents and suggest their ideas.

This can be beneficial to both sides of the equation. The employees get to stimulate their minds, while the employers benefit from the innovations that they might generate.


Developing talents are constantly in search of feedback. They want to know how they are doing, and what areas they could improve. It gives them a sense of direction in their careers.

Offering employees regular feedback helps them in setting goals in their work performance. This assists workers in focusing and honing their abilities, which in turn boosts the company’s growth.


For a generation that is used to putting their personal lives on social platforms, honesty is a crucial virtue. Gen Zers particularly expect transparency from public entities like commercial businesses.

Companies that hide behind opaque shrouds of bureaucracy are considered deceitful and undesirable. The best policy is to be upfront and open in discussing corporate decisions. This will help build trust and make the company’s brand more appealing.

Technological Presence

Technology is an integral part of Gen Z’s daily life. They were raised during a technological boom, and their social networks are held together by their access to the latest tech. Companies that don’t keep up with the latest advances are regarded as dinosaurs.

Young workers might be wary of applying to any business that doesn’t have an internet presence. This is usually a sign of incompetence, ignorance or outdated equipment.

Social Responsibility

More than any previous generation, Gen Z expects corporations to show social responsibility. Many have grown tired of hearing about apathetic companies that only care about profits. They want to see them actively involved in making the world a better place.

This could involve helping protect the environment, or pushing for gender equality and racial diversification in the workforce. These acts of altruism prove that the company has a moral backbone, which is something Gen Zers appreciate.

Written by Neal Hallenbeck

Neal Hallenbeck is a graduate of Adrian College. He is a freelance writer, media critic and computer game designer.

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