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3 Tactics Chubbies Has Used to Appeal to Gen Z

Generation Z is on the rise.

As the sun sets on the Millennial generation’s time in the spotlight, the next generation is more than ready for its time to shine.

Gen Z (people born from about 1996-2010) is the first generation that has grown up under the complete influence of technology. While Millennials were influenced by technology, it doesn’t begin to compare to the likes of Gen Z.

As companies are preparing for this new wave of consumers, they must begin to understand how the minds of Gen Zers work. One company that has already had success with the younger generation is Chubbies shorts.

Here are three reasons why:

Mastering Social Media

Gen Z, unsurprisingly for the generation that grew up with technology and social media at our fingertips from the start, holds an unprecedented presence on social media. Practically everything that rises to popularity within my generation spawned from social media.

Because of this, the easiest way to attract Gen Zers is through presence within social media. Chubbies understands this and has done its best to build its social media platforms.

With over 125,000 Twitter followers, 300,000 Instagram followers, over a million likes on Facebook, and a growing presence on Snapchat, Chubbies has seen major success through the likes of social media.

But, in order to attract Gen Zers, it takes more than simply being present on social media. Gen Zers have the shortest attention span of any generation so far, so the window of opportunity to catch our attention is rather small.

How does a company go about capturing the attention of Gen Zers in the oh-so-short period of time before we no longer care? It’s simple, really: by being funny. Amuse us, and we may come back for more.

Chubbies has seen a lot of success because they have created an image that entertains customers. If something is funny, it is more likely to be shared on social media, and the greater the possibility that Gen Zers will come into contact with it.

With constant amusing tweets and eye-catching photos posted to Instagram, Chubbies understands this.

I personally came across Chubbies two years ago by scrolling through Twitter and seeing the hashtag #SkiesOutThighsOut. It caught my eye because it was creative and played off of the popular “Suns out, Guns out” phrase. Chubbies had approximately six seconds before I moved on to the next thing on Twitter, but they used those six seconds wisely.

I clicked the link to their profile, made my way to their website and soon after was the proud owner of a pair of Chubbies. This type of eye-catching attraction on social media is a major way to gain the attention of Gen Z.

Personal Connection with Customers

Gen Zers are also different from any other generation in that they have friends from all over the world. Social media has allowed relationships to be created with people without ever having any face-to-face interaction.

Because of this trend, personal connection has become a necessity in attracting members of Generation Z. If we can connect with people we have never met, why shouldn’t we have the opportunity to connect with the people we are buying products from?

Chubbies has successfully created a very relatable image for itself, targeting the average person. The Chubbies slogan is “The Weekend Has Arrived.” Because, really, who doesn’t love the weekend?

It has also made a concerted effort to use men that are more average in body type, not just the typical washboard six-pack men of years past.

Social media has been another way that Chubbies has created personal interactions and relationships with customers. Have an issue with a product? No worries, simply tweet their Twitter account. Have a badass picture of you in their product? Send it to them, chances are you will end up on their Instagram page.

Although Gen Zers are not the most loyal of customers, always searching for the newest, hottest thing, we are still much more likely to buy a product if we feel a personal connection to the company that is selling it. Chubbies understands this and has harnessed it to gain traction with Gen Zers.

Viable App

Just as with Millennials, practically all of Gen Z’s shopping takes place online. In order for a company to have success, a viable website is vital for success.

But for Gen Z, it’s more than just shopping online. As the first generation born with easy access to iPhones, the majority of online shopping takes place through the cellular medium.

Chubbies has successfully set up an app that is arguably more user friendly than their actual website. Get on the app, scroll through the shorts and make your choice. That’s all it takes. Short, simple and sweet as all Gen Zers prefer.

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