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3 Unexpected Traditional Marketing Tactics That Young Consumers Love

We know that digital marketing is becoming ever more crucial as each new generation becomes more reliant on technology.

Older, more traditional methods of marketing toward teens, like magazine ads and TV commercials, are being abandoned in favor of Instagram and Snapchat campaigns.

But despite all the new ways to market your product, there are still a few traditional marketing tactics that work just as well when targeting young consumers.

1. Having a physical retail location.

According to a report by Piper Jaffrey, young consumers increasingly prefer to shop online rather than in-store. However, they prefer shopping online at stores that also have physical locations as opposed to e-commerce online-only stores.

The reason is that young consumers prefer to interact with brands, both online through social media and offline at physical locations. Those bonds feel more real to the young consumer than with brands they only know of online.

2. Selling products rather than on-demand services.

Millennials, unlike older generations, prefer to spend money on experiences rather than stuff, as indicated by an EventBrite study. They forego “owning” products in favor of services.

Instead of purchasing a car, Millennials rent Zipcars. Instead of bikes, they use Hubway. Fifty-nine percent of Millennials reported that enjoying experiences was more important to them than buying a home.

Generation Z, however, is starting to turn back to more traditional ideas of ownership. According to the research, two-thirds of young consumers today want to own both houses and cars in their lifetimes.

We may see a decline in the gig economy as young consumers decide they want to own things rather than just use them when they need to.

3. Sponsoring local events.

Sponsoring events has always been an effective way for business owners to get their name in the public eye.

Sponsoring an event is typically relatively cheap and doesn’t require too much effort. Young consumers who attend the event will begin to think of the sponsoring brand as a company that likes doing things for the community.

However, it’s important to choose the event carefully. Since young consumers today are more socially conscious than previous generations, sponsoring events for specific causes can boost you in the consumers’ eyes. They will begin to associate your brand with that cause.

Written by Erick Pinos

Erick Pinos is an ambitious senior at MIT studying management and computer science. He's worked on building computers that can grow food, augmented reality platforms for optimizing city traffic and reducing emissions, and tools for the City of Boston to increase civic engagement from young adults. Pinos is also the co-founder of Changing Lives, a group of friends who came together to raise money to feed and clothe the homeless and the founder of Tech 101 Kids, an online publication for parents to help them inspire their kids to pursue technology from young ages.

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