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5 Surprising Instagram Secrets Every Marketer Should Know

So, you want to use Instagram to market your business. Well, you’re not alone. Companies far and wide have recognized Instagram’s strong potential, and are using the social-media platform to provide their customers with quick, fun, colorful ads. Yes, ads.

All the pictures a company posts present the business in a positive light and encourage the viewers to use its products.

This is a clever tactic, because viewers who voluntarily look at images don’t dismiss them as they would intrusive ads.

However, if you’re looking to successfully market on Instagram, you’ll need to stand out from the crowd. It’s no longer enough to just post pictures and slap a snappy hashtag on them.

Trends change, and you have to change with them. Here are 5 things you can do to boost your Instagram profile:

1. Snapchat

Wait, what? I thought this article was about Instagram…

It is. The trick is to use Snapchat on Instagram as well. You see, even if people don’t follow you, hashtags are still a great way of grabbing a cheap view, and Snapchat is a productive way to do that.

There are more than 30 million posts with #Snapchat. However, you don’t want to be one of those people who has a load of random, unrelated tags underneath your photo.

Luckily for you, #Snapchat is easy to satisfy. Have fun! Humanize your business! Take some photos, use the drawing tool, slap on some filters…

The younger generation (the majority of those seeing your posts on Instagram) aren’t interested in uptight, gray corporations that are just machines for profits.

They want to see something fun. They want to relate. This is why it is important to use the Snapchat story feature, and add the stories to Instagram.

You can use your Snapchat to get people to follow your Instagram and vice versa. Although they are two different apps, you can use them powerfully in tandem as cross promoters.

People are influenced by repetition. Let me say that again: People are influenced by repetition.

2. Create Multiple Accounts (If Applicable)

This might not apply to everyone, but if your business is diversified, have multiple Instagram accounts.

Multiple accounts will allow you to give more attention to specific areas of your business, instead of just spreading a general awareness that lightly touches on everything you do.

By doing so, you’re letting customers pick out what they want to view, and see a more specific view of it.

Multiple accounts add to your overall number of followers, and increase the likes and comments achieved on each picture. You can promote accounts within the others.

If someone is following one of your accounts, there’s a good chance they’ll follow your other accounts too.

Before you know it, you’ll have people jumping all across Instagram, viewing your business from different angles. It’s a simple way to spread brand awareness.

3. Boomerang

This little Instagram app has been growing steadily since its introduction in October 2015.

The little videos, which replay as soon as they’re done, grab the viewer’s attention and hold it. The app is super easy to use.

Try to make your video a perfect loop. It’s not absolutely necessary, and may sound nitpicky, but a perfect loop will snag viewers’ attention for longer.

With this longer attention, your message will slowly become ingrained in the viewer’s memory. I said it before, and I’ll say it again: People are influenced by repetition.

4. Video

Nope. Not the same as Boomerang. Boomerang clips are captivating, but they lack substance and length.

The attention span of social-media users is shorter now (8 seconds), but duration is still important. There’s a big difference between a 2-second and an 8-second video.

However, you may want to follow Boomerang’s lead and opt out of sound when delivering important points. It has been reported that 85 percent of people do not turn the sound on when they view videos.

This is usually because they’re viewing social media in public places. Subtitles and text narrations on the screen have decreased the necessity of sound.

5. Themes

Increasingly, users are creating themes for their pages. This may involve taking many pictures in the same style, or making a collage of linked individual photos that can be viewed from the profile page.

If you create a theme, your profile will be enticing from the first glance, meaning more viewers will be inclined to linger.

Written by Aaron Easaw

Aaron serves as the founder and CEO of INC.UBATOR, an exclusive venture capital firm that offers programs and investments designed to grow teen businesses from concept to reality. Aaron has attracted investors ranging from local business owners to international multi-billionaires to join the INC.UBATOR mission. The combination of a variety of industry mentors and Aaron's noted experience has given the opportunity for teen entrepreneurs to expand their ideas into professional businesses.

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