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5 Ways T-Mobile Is Marketing Toward Young Consumers

1. Commercials

One of the best ways to attract customers and promote your product is through the traditional, obvious choice: commercials.

However, everybody these days has their shows recorded, or uses a media-streaming service. What does this mean for the commercial industry? Well, with these options, almost nobody has to watch commercials anymore.

That means that if you want someone to see what you’re advertising, you have to get people hooked so that they leave your commercial on instead of skipping it.

So, what does this have to do with T-Mobile? If you’ve seen a T-Mobile commercial lately, you’ve probably noticed the way they get young customers to leave their ad on the screen.

T-Mobile’s new ads incorporate bright, changing visuals. Young people jump around the screen with their phones while big words flash, promoting the newest advancement.

It’s a commercial that’s sure to be left on the screen. The younger audience would skip tame ads with boring statistics, so instead T-Mobile takes something that’s kinda boring (phone carrier statistics) and turns it into something kinda fun (basically a party).

The younger generation doesn’t want to be with a stiff phone company. They want to be with one that’s going to allow them to have fun, like the teens in the ads.

2. T-Mobile Tuesdays

What do the billionaire — someone who can buy a yacht on a whim — and the college student diving into the sofa cushions for change to purchase that 20 cent pack of ramen have in common? They both appreciate free stuff.

What better way to attract both groups than to literally hand out free stuff every Tuesday?

If you’re a T-Mobile member and have never heard of T-Mobile Tuesdays, than you need to get on over to your app store and download it immediately.

Every Tuesday, T-Mobile hands out free items like movie tickets or Wendy’s Frostys. No purchase necessary; you just gotta be a T-Mobile user.

Hey check out this movie ticket I got; it was free! Everybody knows that the best way to market your product is through word of mouth, and nobody likes to brag about special deals more than the younger generation.

The younger generation will jump at a chance for free, and that’s exactly what T-Mobile is giving. By creating an exclusive experience, they have a service that youth will be telling their friends about.

3. Hulu, Netflix, YouTube

Netflix. The media giant is a huge staple in life, especially for young people. At least once a day in the life of a young person, the conversation moves toward the subject of TV shows and movies.

What are you watching? Have you seen this yet? I just finished this up, you should try it!

These subjects dominate the chatter of Gen Z, and with original shows getting pumped out, like Netflix’s hugely popular “Stranger Things,” more people than ever are putting down cable and starting to stream.

The biggest problem they face is watching on the go.

Someone wants to show a YouTube video to their friends? If they’re not in wifi, the video will take forever to load and eat up data.

T-Mobile has a solution. If you’re partnered with them, they give out free streaming, with no penalties on data. This is huge.

Now kids are able to binge TV wherever, whenever. They’re able to show videos wherever, whenever. They’re able to watch movies wherever, whenever.

This is extremely appealing to a generation where media is a main focus.

4. Popular celebrities

If you were to ask a group of students who Frederick Douglass was or what he contributed to society, you might get blank stares followed by questions.

However, ask this same group about a current celebrity, especially a musical talent, and they will perk up.

It’s not their fault — the media populates every inch of the online world with people who they think we should be more like or look up to. You can’t help but pick up a few names and faces along the way.

Now, the brain is especially attracted to familiarity. So, if you take a group of people who are commonly online and popular and cram them into one company, youth are going to follow. This is what T-Mobile has done.

DJ Khaled

In their ads and on their website, you’ll see people like Drake, Steve Harvey and DJ Khaled.

This is a genius marketing strategy, as the younger generation will see as these faces and immediately think I know these people.

And if they see people they know and admire, they’re going to follow them, wherever they go.

5. Freedom

Whether it’s house rules, chores, limits, assignments, curfews or any other kind of restriction, there is going to be a teen who disagrees with that rule. They just want freedom. They want to do their own thing, go where they want to go.

What better way for T-Mobile to perpetuate and indulge this desire than through their slogan, “the uncarrier.”

One of their attractions is how many restrictions they shatter. You don’t have to switch off your data when you travel to places like Canada or Mexico.

You don’t have to stop Snapchatting in over 140 countries. You don’t have to shut off your music for fear of destroying your data.

T-Mobile gives young people the freedom to do what they want, where they want, without having to take a pause from their social lives.

Written by Aaron Easaw

Aaron serves as the founder and CEO of INC.UBATOR, an exclusive venture capital firm that offers programs and investments designed to grow teen businesses from concept to reality. Aaron has attracted investors ranging from local business owners to international multi-billionaires to join the INC.UBATOR mission. The combination of a variety of industry mentors and Aaron's noted experience has given the opportunity for teen entrepreneurs to expand their ideas into professional businesses.

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