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6 Reasons Why Snapchat Still Beats Instagram

Since the launch of Instagram Stories, there has been a big debate between users of Snapchat and Instagram.

Everyone agrees that Instagram Stories was a complete rip-off of Snapchat, but no one knows if they’ll be able to simulate the same user experience.

Some users enjoy Instagram for their discovery feature, which makes it easy to find new people to follow.

However, what annoys users about the new Stories implementation is that they now have to post live videos to Snapchat and Instagram to keep their followers engaged.

Though the debate will continue, here are six reasons why we feel Snapchat will still beat Instagram:

1. Friend Focused

When Snapchat was starting, you only interacted with your close friends. Though the platform has grown into an engagement tool for brands, it hasn’t become the advertisement-filled Instagram.

Users on Snapchat still feel actively connected to their friends, and when they want to see what someone is up to, they’ll typically look at their story on Snapchat.

2. More Personal

When using Snapchat you have the option to choose what stories you want to view. On Instagram, you have a continuous scroll of content that you have to sort through in order to see what you actually want to view.

Snapchat enables you to pick and choose your content, while the format of Instagram makes you look through it all.

3. Younger Demographic

I’m betting that your mom isn’t on Snapchat. She may be on Instagram, but the older generation still hasn’t flocked to Snapchat.

I think they will eventually adapt, but for now Snapchat keeps its cool with the younger demographic.

4. Filter Fueled

One of the coolest Snapchat features is their filters. People use filters to show emotions, pinpoint their location or make content look better.

This feature is unique to Snapchat, and though Instagram has some filters on their stories, they have yet to make it location based.

5. More Time Spent in App

According to a recent Business Insider article, Snapchat users spend more time in the app than in Instagram.

This is huge for users and advertisers alike, as they want to spend their time and money where people are. If your friends are using Snapchat more, chances are you will too.

6. Less Formal

Snapchat connects with the younger demographic because it is less formal. When we post to our Snapchat story, we don’t think about it too much.

When we post a photo on Instagram, we may edit the photos, change the filters and work on the caption. Instagram has a more formal vibe.

The battle between the two platforms will continue to grow, as each platform fights for more market share.

With Instagram now part of Facebook, their resources are nearly unlimited. With that said, Snapchat has an incredible valuation, but has yet to turn a profit. Only time will let us know which app prevails!

Written by David Matlock

David Matlock is a senior in high school at Stratford Academy. He is currently writing his first book and is a contributor on the Huffington Post. Matlock is a freelance writer and young entrepreneur.


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