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How 3 Large Companies Are Winning Over Gen Z Consumers

Generation Z is the propeller of some of the most successful companies today. With technology adoption at an all-time high, large companies have been able to use this to their advantage.

The companies winning over Gen Z consumers are those utilizing technology to make people’s lives easier. And if there is one thing this generation appreciates more than anything else, it is convenience.

The three companies I have identified as winning over Gen Z consumers are Apple, Snapchat and Uber.

All three are accessible, innovative and forward thinking. Companies that thrive in the Gen Z consumer market are those seen as the “newest thing” or the “it” product.


Apple is the hallmark of innovation. It has revolutionized the tech industry as a whole —first with the iPod, revolutionizing the way people listen to music; then with the iPhone, revolutionizing the mobile phone itself.

Apple is never behind the times with their technology, and seems to pump out the freshest and finest products year after year.

It appeals to Gen Z consumers because all of its products are innovative and its technologies seem to always break technological barriers.

Apple is seen as the “it” product in the eyes of many Gen Z consumers, which is why the company is currently winning over that key customer segment.


Snapchat has revolutionized the social media industry, changing the social landscape forever. Its success is partly due to the novel idea of a seven-second video that shows what you are doing in real time.

This idea started out as a side project for students at Stanford but the app quickly went viral.

Snapchat is winning over Gen Z consumers, so much so that many babies today know how to use Snapchat before they can walk.

The simplicity and innovative technology behind Snapchat has caused it to win over many Generation Z consumers. New features like geotags and face filters have brought even more people into the application.


Uber is one of the most brilliant technologies created in the last century. Gen Z consumers seem particularly enamored of the service.

Prior to Uber, young people had two options to get from point A to point B: taking public transportation or getting driven by someone who had a car.

Uber’s innovative technology eliminates the hassle of transportation and allows users to tap the screen just three times to secure a ride.

Uber is accessible, affordable and easy to use, and for these reasons Uber is winning over Gen Z consumers.

The companies that are seen as the “it” product in the eyes of Gen Z consumers are all viewed as accessible, forward thinking, and, most importantly, innovative.

Snapchat has revolutionized the way people communicate, Uber has revolutionized the way people are transported and Apple has revolutionized the tech industry as a whole.

These companies are reaping the rewards as the new generation flocks to their services.