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Master Social Media to Win Generation Z

Today’s teens are a breed unfamiliar to marketers, and distinct from any generation seen before. Generation Z has no memory of life before the internet.

For the first time marketers are catering to a generation that never had to navigate a road without a GPS system, or been without Google to answer their every question.

This fresh crop of consumers who already hold $40 billion in purchasing power are so in tune with the digital age, they should be the audience of every marketer’s dream.

Yet this generation of consumers, the first of their kind to grow up in an entirely post-digital era, with their unprecedented habits and attitudes, are a furiously elusive audience for many brands.

Helping brands get a leg up in approaching this challenge is 180fusion, the leading provider of online marketing services, such as social media marketing, SEO and PPC.

To get an understanding of how to win over this new generation, we asked the 180fusion team to give us their top social media tips in mastering social media with Generation Z in mind. Here’s what we learned:

Get To The Point, And Fast

This generation isn’t waiting around for your ads to load, in fact they don’t even really notice their presence in their news feeds.

Seventy-four percent of Generation Z surveyors said that they prefer that adverts had little to no hand in what popped up on their social accounts.

Fifty-seven percent of that same group also reported that seeing an advertisement on their social media feeds can be the reason for revoking their membership of a platform or cutting back on their usage entirely.

In an era where a single pizza emoji can enter an order at Domino’s and ten-second SnapChat videos can tell a whole story, it’s crucial that today’s advertisers spit out what they mean to say and do it quickly.

Campaigns that find the most success with this new generation of consumers communicate with big pictures and five word messages.

Be Fluent In Their Languages and Follow Social Media Etiquette

From Facebook and Instagram to Snapchat and Twitter, Gen Z has a different social network to fulfill practically all of their needs and make their modes of communication all the more easy.

But with 71% of this generation logging into more than 1 social network, they’re making it harder than ever for marketers to track them down.

Rather than broadcasting any and all content and images to every platform, these teens pop into different platforms to make their connections— they’re not sharing their beloved selfies on Facebook, but they are posting them to Instagram.

Avoid Gen Z social gaffes and get your marketing team on board with understanding which platforms are best for certain pieces of content. Sites like Pinterest and Etsy work best for brands looking to target to the DIYer, while Facebook and Instagram have proven to be goldminds for those looking to sell clothing and food items.

Be Part of The Tribe

Good news for Generation X marketers, it’s likely you’ll have one of those social media wielding teens sitting right at your desktop computer at home. Similar to you, as a post-Vietnam, Nirvana-record-buying former latchkey kid, Gen Z truly believes in the notion that we have to know our neighbors.

Free Wifi and access to a candy shop of networks is helping this new group of marketing targets to stay connected to their friend networks at all times. What’s more, they’re using these platforms to constantly share information— which could potentially be your information.

Insert yourself into this group that’s no longer allowing brands to use them as walking logos and instead wants to be recognized as unique individuals, despite an oversaturated market. Reel in their attention by pairing up with bloggers and Instagrammers influencers that are willing to partner with your brand.

Promote Yourself As A Launch Pad For Change

If your brand doesn’t have a social initiative, it’s time to go out into the world and find a cause to get behind. This generation isn’t sitting back and watching change happen, they’re getting into the trenches and fighting for the changes they want to see in the world.

They’re picking up initiatives that line up with their interests like social injustices, environmental impacts and economic oppression. You don’t necessarily have to make a political stir, but you do have to show that your brand is advocating for global improvement in one way or another.

Get on social media and engage with the generation that loves the “no filter” hashtag. Push campaigns that will make them feel empowered and put them to work.

Make sure that they know that you need your help to spread the word of your social mission and encourage them to become brand advocates by using social media tools like hashtags and claiming underrated emojis for your brand.

When it comes to this generation, don’t just leave it up to the basics — get your marketing campaign geared up and ready for the next big wave of consumers.

Written by David Matlock

David Matlock is a senior in high school at Stratford Academy. He is currently writing his first book and is a contributor on the Huffington Post. Matlock is a freelance writer and young entrepreneur.


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