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Top 5 Micro-Marketing Trends for 2016

We are more than halfway through the year and marketers have been able to get a glimpse of how the market is shifting. In this industry, as marketers are well aware, you either adapt or perish.

The 5 marketing trends listed below are still in the development stages; they are expected to grow far beyond 2016.

1. Context before content.

We used to be consumed with the adage “content is king,” thinking that every article we write has to have A+ content.

However, entrepreneur and author Gary Vaynerchuk says that we should start to put context over content. We must market according to the era we live in. Traditional marketing is dying – and the same applies to irrelevant high-quality content.

There used to be a time when just about any article you’d post would rank in the search engines. That’s no longer the case. Now search engine optimization is an art form.

Those who succeed are those who know how to market better. If there are two identical products on offer, the one that will succeed is the one with superior marketing.

That doesn’t necessarily mean reach. It means impact. It means relevance. It means understanding context over content.

2. Augmented reality.

When Pokémon Go came out, everyone got a glimpse of how augmented reality could be used in marketing. Local businesses are already using Pokémon Go to bring in tons of foot traffic, which in turn drives an insane amount of sales.

This is the beginning of a tsunami of augmented-reality-based games and apps. I can’t wait to see this trend play out in different projects.

3. Video.

We are seeing video blow up like never before. Entrepreneurs are now hiring film crews to make their own YouTube series.

Motivational speaker Grant Cardone, for example, has multiple shows on his website. WWE now has all of their content on their online platform, and no longer uses Dish or Direct TV.

There is also a rise in live streaming, boosted by the app Blab and Mark Zuckerberg’s release of Facebook Live. Video is just way more engaging than reading a bunch of text. There’s no doubt that video will continue to grow as time passes.

4. Podcasting.

Audio, like video, is much more engaging than text. Podcasting has been huge this year, and many entrepreneurs have started their own podcasts. Veterans like Lewis Howes, Nathan Latka and Pat Flynn entered the game early, and because of it they’re reaping the rewards.

5. Influencer marketing.

Many young entrepreneurs work with influencers — those who are already established in a certain field. Attaching their names to someone who is better known boosts their own brand and gives them credibility. Not only that; it can also give them the skills to go out into the marketplace and create something they love.

If you haven’t caught up with any of these trends yet, it’s okay – you still have time. These marketing trends are only expected to grow, so I recommend incorporating some or all of them in your marketing plan.

Written by Quiane Crews

I am a 20 year old entrepreneur that dropped out of high school my senior year due to my one year old son, Adrian. Against all odds and criticism I was able to sell one of my manufacturing companies in China. The ablility to retire at the age of 20 allowed me to retire and live the life I dreamed off since I was young. And that was to help others "Conquer Your Empire". I am now a celebrity investor on the Youtube show Pirahna Tank, a mentor, success coach, and author. ​My biggest inspiration is my son, and since I am able to give him everything I never had growing up, I realized why do I have to stop there? I am going to help other young and struggling entrepreneurs create the life they dreamed off.

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