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What Pokémon Go Teaches Us About the Future of Social Media

The future is about to get 10x better. If you haven’t noticed, our technology is growing at a phenomenal rate.

People are diving into virtual reality and augmented reality, and it won’t be long before we can’t tell the difference between the two.

Pokémon Go is the forerunner of what will soon be an avalanche of AR-based games and apps. The game grew fast… really fast. In its first week, for example, it surpassed Twitter in terms of active daily users.

What does this mean?

You can definitely expect virtual reality to tie into social media one day. For example, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook bought the virtual-reality business Oculus, and is pouring money into it. Facebook will no doubt incorporate augmented reality into their online platform in some way.

Many naysayers argue that social media creates a lack of human interaction and causes individuals to stay indoors.

They claim that it’s made people lazier and less social. However, when Pokémon Go was released, it showed everyone that you can have a technology-based platform that will get users outside and conversing with each other.

The internet is now rife with videos showing the throngs of Pokémon Go players in New York and other cities. It’s safe to say that people want more immersive experiences with augmented reality, which leads to my next topic …


Pokémon Go uses augmented reality. However, the future may belong to hyperreality, which incorporates sets and interactive experiences with virtual reality.

Companies are already on the verge of creating intense theme parks that involve these features.

For example, The Void is an entertainment center that focuses solely on hyperreality. When you put on the headset and the body gear, you live and experience the different dimension.

You can literally walk around inside the game, which is essentially a virtual world built in a physical environment.

The Void is the first company to put an extensive amount of work toward making hyperreality come to life. However, they won’t be the last.

Gaming fans are waiting with bated breath for the first hyperreality entertainment center to open, and it’s sure to be a huge hit.

If you’re an entrepreneur and are unsure where you should focus your money and energy, I suggest you look into augmented reality and hyperreality.

These trends will be revolutionary, and the proof is in the popularity of Pokémon Go.

Written by Quiane Crews

I am a 20 year old entrepreneur that dropped out of high school my senior year due to my one year old son, Adrian. Against all odds and criticism I was able to sell one of my manufacturing companies in China. The ablility to retire at the age of 20 allowed me to retire and live the life I dreamed off since I was young. And that was to help others "Conquer Your Empire". I am now a celebrity investor on the Youtube show Pirahna Tank, a mentor, success coach, and author. ​My biggest inspiration is my son, and since I am able to give him everything I never had growing up, I realized why do I have to stop there? I am going to help other young and struggling entrepreneurs create the life they dreamed off.

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